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Drug firms fined billions for illegal marketing

A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary was fined $2.2 billion in civil and criminal penalties by the Department of Justice for aggressively marketing the anti-psychotic medication Risperdal for unappro

Enrollment Does Not Indicate Success

The Deseret News has a front page article from the Associated Press about one of the glaring fault lines in ObamaCare, while an op-ed by a BYU professor lauding the Obama administration for enrollm

Health Insurance Is Not The Answer

About half of the bronze plans sold in six major cities on the health exchanges require beneficiaries to pay their full deductible before any insurance coverage kicks in.

Where Are the Young, Healthy Voters for Obama?

Debating the Value of ObamaCare While US health care burns

Ezekiel J. Emanuel MD is the brother of Chicago mayor (and former Obama White House Chief) Rahm Emanuel.

How Goes Health Reform In Massachusetts?

The health care system in Massachusetts, the state that provided the model for the ACA, is highly consolidated.

Hospitals Charge Too Much