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The Tinkering Goes On

Federal officials seek more time for people to enroll in health care
By Amy Goldstein and and Juliet Eilperin
December 20, 2103

Just What Is ObamaCare?

Story of the year
By Charles Krauthammer

Will Medicaid Take Your Home?

The Urge To Merge

US Health System Is Inefficient

More Wall Street Views

I Pray I Can See My Doctor

So said a man who thought he had a cold until his skilled physicians found something more ominous. Click on the link below to hear the CNBC story.

The Lie of the Decade?

Politifact awards ‘Lie of the Year’ to Obama

The Bitter Pill Becomes More Distasteful

Medicare Can Not Have It Two Ways

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (Medpac)
Public Meeting
November 7, 2013