Federal Health Czar

And this ridiculous item from AP News:

--AP, 'Federal Health Czar,' by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar: 'Health care overhaul legislation from President Barack Obama's congressional allies would create a federal insurance czar with sweeping new powers to oversee medical plans nationwide, an idea already drawing fierce criticism. State insurance commissioners are objecting, saying it would duplicate what they now do without offering any better protection for consumers. Conservatives are calling it a textbook example of a big government mentality. The issue could flare as lawmakers push to meet an ambitious schedule for floor votes on complex health care legislation before the August congressional recess. ... The insurance czar, known as the Health Choices Commissioner, would head a new independent agency called for in the 800-page draft bill released by House Democratic leaders. The Health Choices Administration would regulate a revamped insurance marketplace and be expected to deliver Obama's promise of affordable coverage for all.'

No further comment is necessary.

Dr. Joe Jarvis