How To Get Rid of Genital Warts

Treatmetns, Remedies and Tips

Genital Warts are a common sexual disease that is easily transmitted and spread by skin to skin contacts. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease after Chlamydia. It is a viral skin infection caused by certain types of HPV meaning Human Papilloma Virus. Basically, they grow on the genital area and anus and spreads on the skins of these areas.

If you have genital warts, then you should know that there are more than 100 types of HPV that can produce warts on different parts of your body. Don’t be  depressed, every person eventually gets infected with this virus and there is no shame in it.

It is essential for us to keep ourselves protected from genital warts, so that the chance of having different serious diseases becomes less. You might also want to protect yourself and want to know about this common disease and the treatments of genital warts.

Treatments To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

It is natural to be infected by HPV virus. Sometime this virus spreads over the body unknowingly. The body automatically fights these viruses and the effect wore off. Some people do not need any treatment for genital warts as a good immune system effectively prevents these viruses from spreading all over the body parts. But there are some people who find difficulty while being infected with HPV. Then they need treatment otherwise it is possible to catch cancers later on.

Here are some facts that will help you to learn how to treat them, avoid them and finally get rid of them.

Wait and see if it goes away on their own

The best and most common treatment for genital warts is to wait and see. Basically, you will see that most of the people infected by genital warts get rid of them automatically if they have a good immune system. But sometimes they do not go away and you need to treat this disease as soon as possible as it is very contagious.

Take proper diagnosis

You should visit a sexual disease doctor and discuss the matter. The doctor will take tests and checkups. If you are infected then you should follow the doctor’s instructions very carefully.


There are several medications which will help you to get rid of genital warts. But you should consult with your physician first. These medications vary depending on the area where they are located. Some of the medications are,

Podofilox or Condylox: It is a kind of gel that can be used to treat warts on the genital area. You can apply the gel to the infected area in a specific cycle for several weeks. This might help the warts to fall off. Basically, it clears 40% – 90% of the warts.

Imiquimod or Aldara: It is a cream that responds to the immune system. It causes less irritation to the patient. It should be applied to the infected area and it helps to remove 70% – 90% of the warts.

Veregen or Polyphenon E. : They are a kind of ointments which are extracted from green tea and some other components. They are effective to get rid of genital warts.

Therapies To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

You can always depend on the therapy to get cured of genital warts. There are different strategies. These therapies are mostly used in the dry parts of your body. Some of the therapies are-

Cryotherapy: This is a freezing technique that can help to get rid of genital warts. Doctors use liquid nitrogen in order to freeze the warts. By doing this the warts eventually falls off. But warts can come back anytime if you get infected with HPV again.

Electrocautery: You can use this process to burn off the warts. Electric current is used to burn off the warts. It is not a common process, but you can try it.

Surgical removal: Expert physicians often conduct minor surgery to cut off the cells of the warts. In this process general anesthesia and scalpel are used.

Laser surgery: It is a complex process and not recommended for using in all the body parts. Consult with your physician before going for this process.

Trichloracetic acid: This is an acid which is used for removing tattoos and chemical peels. It can be applied to warts and it will burn off the warts.

Herbal Treatments

There are also herbal treatments that can be applied in order to treat genital warts. As genital warts can come back anytime and in anywhere of your body parts, it is recommended to take proper steps. You can use “Wartol” that is a safe herbal medicine that contains ingredients like black sulfide of antimony, wild yellow, indigo, potassium hydrate, arbor vitae and nitric acid.  This medicine has no side effect.

Improve your Immune System

You can improve your immune system so that your body can get out of genital warts naturally. Then you won’t need any medication and the warts will fall off eventually. You can follow the following tips.

You should eat more healthy food.

Take good vitamins.

Exercise more and keep your body fit.

Drink plenty of water.

Stop smoking

Avoid fast food, sugary foods

Avoid drugs and alcohol